How Universities and Colleges are Using Infographics

University college infographic

Infographics are becoming a popular trend on the internet, often combining complex data with beautiful design. A few universities and colleges have created their own images to promote their school and programs. Here are some ideas for how your institution can use infographics to reach students.

Examples of University Infographics

Capella University has created an infographic that gives an overview of its institution.

Capella University Infographic

The University of Kansas has a diagram explaining financial aid for students.

UK infographic

Oklahoma University shows students how to apply for their Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering graduate program.

OU infographic

The College of William and Mary highlights its alumni.

W&M infographic

Rather than creating an infographic that highlights stats about their school and programs, Southern New Hampshire University made their design appeal to the widest audience possible by focusing on a general topic. In fact, their is no mention of their school except in the bottom corner to indicate credit. This is an interesting strategy since this kind of image will be spread around the internet much more than any of the university-specific infographics.

The Billionaire College Dropout Infographic | SNHU.EDU
Presented By SNHU.EDU Online College

You can view more examples at College Web Guy or this one from the University of Denver.

16 Tools to Make Awesome Infographics

With the recent surge of interest in infographics over the last few years, a number of websites have popped up that make it easy to create your own. Socialable has assembled a list of the top websites and apps so you can start building your own fast. Many of the resources are free and allow for a wide range of customization and design options.

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